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Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority – Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) of Education Biology Study Design – Curriculum Writing, Advice for Teachers, and Benchmarking Report

The annual curriculum review involved researching a benchmarking report where the VCE Biology Study Design was cross referenced to eight international and national curricula.  Amanda Peters and Mary Vamvakas worked on this project.

Amanda and I were then contracted as the Curriculum Writers to support the delivery of the updated VCE Biology Study Design.  This major review involved assessment and content consideration that was facilitated by VCAA and engaged a review panel to discuss the changes.

In the final stage of the process, Amanda and I have been contracted to prepare the Advice for Teachers document that sits along side the Study Design.

This has been an insightful project to consider how the VCE is designed and implemented, as well as to think about curriculum development and school change, especially in these anthropocene times!!