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Deakin STEM Education Conferences

The 2016 and 2018 Deakin STEM education conferences have showcased local, national and international innovations in STEM education. The conferences were targeted at school practice, but brought together teachers, academics, associations and industry, sharing practice and discussing key issues in STEM education.In the 2018 conference we also featured entrepreneurial thinking. A selection of full papers from the two conferences, featuring research and innovative school practice, have been collated into a ‘Selected works’ conference proceedings (see 2018 conference).We hope to offer further STEM Education conferences into the future.


21 June 2021
22 June 2021

Deakin STEM Education Conference 2021

The 2020 Deakin STEM Education Conference has been postponed till 21-22 June 2021. More information to be realised soon. Call for Papers will remain open. This year we will have a special focus o …

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STEM 2018 Connference
14 November 2018
16 November 2018

STEM Education Conference 2018

Exchange ideas, promote quality education, foster innovation, empower change. The Deakin STEM Education Conference 2018 will provide a forum for schools and educators to share their innovations and join the discussion about how to use STEM education an …

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STEM 2016 Conference
5 October 2016
7 October 2016

STEM Education Conference 2016

What is STEM education? Exploring critical and practical perspectives With the recent endorsement of STEM education as part of the ‘National Innovation and Science Agenda’ by the Australian Government, the challenge facing educators is how to meaningfu …

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