Science Technology Engineering Mathematics and Environmental Education Research Group

Re-imagining futures in STEME

SLRC: Science of Learning Research Centre (SR120300015)

In this innovative centre, researchers in education, neuroscience and cognitive psychology worked together with teachers to understand the learning process. This collaboration was designed to establish new criteria to assess the impact of different types of learning and strategies to inform teaching practices of benefit to all Australians.

Team members: Ottmar Lipp, John Hattie, Michael Timms, Pankaj Sah, and others including Russell Tytler, 2013-2017

At Deakin, the research centred on a collaboration with Professor David Clarke from the University of Melbourne to investigate collaborative reasoning through multimodal representation construction. The research involved video capture of groups of students in the specially designed ‘science of learning’ classroom with multiple zoom and track cameras to monitor student actions and talk across the class. Topics included representation construction in learning science, teacher noticing in science and maths, offline coding, modeling in science, and art-science interdisciplinarity, and science/ mathematical modeling.

The Deakin team working with this facility included: Russell Tytler, Joseph Ferguson, Peta White, Wanty Widjaja, George Aranda, Peter Hubber, Vaughan Prain, Radhika Gorur, Lihua Xu, Wendy Jobling with academics from the Universities of Melbourne, and Wollongong.

Sample publications

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