Science Technology Engineering Mathematics and Environmental Education Research Group

Re-imagining futures in STEME

Maximising Affordances of Virtual and Augmented Reality in Science Learning

This project is establishing a body of evidence on the educational affordances of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) for learning science in primary and secondary school settings. Through evidence gathered in VR/AR hands-on workshops for school leaders, teachers and informal science education providers, a framework is being developed to better document and evaluate meaningful evidence of science education learning with VR/AR. With this evidence, clear and distinct implications for the design of VR/AR applications in science education are being established, which will in turn provide a solid basis for future research and collaboration with external partners.

Team members:

  • Seamus Delaney,
  • George Aranda,
  • Joe Ferguson,
  • Caitlyn Pryse.

Funding body: Research grant scheme at Deakin University.