Science Technology Engineering Mathematics and Environmental Education Research Group

Re-imagining futures in STEME

Conceptualising a Framework of Pre-Service Teacher Integrated STEM Learning

This mixed-method research study is investigating how pre-service teachers negotiate the intersection and overlap of the individual STEM disciplines within their integrated STEM teaching. Classroom observations, teacher collaborative discussions and interview data is being generated and subsequently analysed through a number of theoretical lenses, including the socio-cultural Positioning Theory and Grounded Theory. This project is leading to the development of a framework to scaffold the professional development of pre- and in-service teachers’ engagement with integrated STEM teaching and learning. The research is being led by researchers at Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, in collaboration with Deakin University.

Team members:

  • Seamus Delaney,
  • Duncan Symons (University of Melbourne),
  • Joanne Blannin (University of Melbourne).

Funding body: Research grant at University of Melbourne.