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Rethinking the role of education systems in reaching climate goals

Posted by Assoc. Prof. Peta White on November 29, 2023

In climate policy, increasing attention is being paid to identifying “positive tipping points”, i.e. potential leverage points that could enable far-reaching systems transformations in line with environmental and climate goals. This session looks into how education systems can best contribute to positive tipping dynamics and enable social change at the scale and pace needed to mitigate climate change. The contribution of education systems to climate action is sometimes perceived as limited to incremental behavioural changes whose effects unfold over many decades and have negligible effects on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This session will bring together education thought leaders to discuss how education can enable and accelerate more drastic, encompassing and transformative types of social change to support societies in keeping up with the exponential challenge of climate change.

Wednesday 29th November at 10.30pm Melbourne time. Details here

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