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Science Team Present at ASERA

Posted by Assoc. Prof. Peta White on July 10, 2023

The Australasian Science Education Research Association (ASERA) hosted the annual conference in Cairns, Queensland and the Deakin Science team were present and presenting! 

Arts-based research uncovers the complexities of STEM education by Amanda Peters

Primary teachers’ adaptive expertise in interdisciplinary mathematics and science teaching: A case study of two schools by Gahyoung Kim, Lihua Xu, Amanda Berry, Colleen Vale, Jan van Driel, Wanty Widjaja, Joe Ferguson

Enacting science inquiry as habits: The potential for change by Joe Ferguson, Melinda Kirk

Symposium: Science education in the Anthropocene by Peta White, Russell Tytler, Joe Ferguson & Hilary Whitehouse

  • Paper 1: Agency in the Anthropocene: The work of science education by Peta White
  • Paper 2: Exploring Science in relation to wider social and educational framings: Education and the Anthropocene by Russell Tytler
  • Paper 3: Science education in the Anthropocene: The aesthetics of climate change education in an epoch of uncertainty by Joe Ferguson & Peta White
  • Paper 4: National responses to international moves: Climate change education policy in Australia by Hilary Whitehouse

Implementing Guided Inquiry in Senior Secondary Biology: Affordances of Teacher-Researcher Collaboration by Amrita Kamath

Unpacking authentic inquiry: The pursuit of creativity for transformative outcomes in contemporary primary science by Melinda Kirk

The complexity of biology teachers’ interpretation of metacognition: A case study in Indonesia by Dian Anggriani Melinda      

Guiding student transduction in elementary school astronomy by Russell Tytler and Vaughan Prain

Conceptualisation of the design of online interventions to enhance young children’s STEM engagement through the Invergowrie STEM Hub by Lihua Xu, Jiqing Sun, Linda Hobbs, Coral Campbell, George Aranda, Bridgette Van Leuven, Richard Botto, Jan van Driel, Victoria Millar, Sarika Kewalramani, Tianchong Wang

Program offerings of the Victorian Tech Schools: Outcomes for students, teachers and schools by Linda Hobbs, George Aranda, Seamus Delaney, Jerry Lai [Research Consultant]

The Role of Physics Teachers in Junior Science Programs by Jared Carpendale, Rebecca Cooper, John Cripps Clark, Merryn Dawborn-Gundlach, Victoria Millar, Saeed Salimpour

Australian media representations of teaching STEM out-of-field by Margaret Jakovac

* Bolded names are Deakin Researchers (Italics are HDR candidates)

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