Science Technology Engineering Mathematics and Environmental Education Research Group

Re-imagining futures in STEME

Girls’ future: Our future: Invergowrie STEM Report

This project involved an investigation into issues and approaches concerning girls in STEM. It included a comprehensive literature review, building on previous research of the STEME group, and a series of interviews with key players. The project is currently being extended, both through the GALS project led by Coral Campbell, and an update supported by Invergowrie that focuses on mentoring, and early influences. This also involves Assoc. Prof. Campbell.

Team members:

  • Professor Jan van Driel (Lead),
  • Professor Russell Tytler,
  • Assoc. Prof. Linda Hobbs,
  •  Professor Vaughan Prain,
  • Dr. Christine Redman,
  • Dr. Victoria Millar

Funding body: Invergowrie Philanthropic Organisation, 2017

L. Hobbs, C. Jakab, V. Millar, V. Prain, C. Redman, C. Speldewinde, R. Tytler, J. van Driel (2017). Girls’ future — our future: The Invergowrie Foundation STEM report.

There are media appearances and pod casts that arose from the release of this report:
• Girls in STEM:
• ACER podcast:
– The audio is also free to download on iTunes
– SoundCloud