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STEM Education Conference 2016

What is STEM education? Exploring critical and practical perspectives

With the recent endorsement of STEM education as part of the ‘National Innovation and Science Agenda’ by the Australian Government, the challenge facing educators is how to meaningfully embed STEM-related knowledge, skills and dispositions in all levels of schooling. There is therefore a need to clarify what contribution STEM can make to education, and how STEM can be meaningfully and practically translated into curriculum and pedagogy, particularly in primary and secondary schooling.

Educators and researchers are becoming increasingly interested in investigating contexts that support students’ learning in STEM, and what teaching approaches are most conducive for developing investigative, design and reasoning skills. Such debate and consideration of the value of STEM in education acknowledges the diversity of approaches that are emerging.

The STEM Education Conference will provide a space for celebrating this diversity by:

  • Unpacking the nature of and possibilities for STEM education for Australia and internationally
  • Sharing best STEM education practices
  • Promoting quality STEM education and cross curriculum links
  • Exploring how STEM education can contribute to all young Australians becoming successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens



Posted Sep 27, 2016

STEM 2016 Conference
5 October 2016, 12:00am to 7 October 2016

Deakin University, Waurn Ponds