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Re-imagining futures in STEME

Stand Up For Your Climate/Future: Youth activism is education

In this package, you will find a teaching and learning sequence with eight modules that can be tailored to young people in upper primary and lower secondary; it may be stretched or tightened to suit your needs. It can run for as long or short as you like – adapt it to suit.

The teaching and learning sequence scaffolds learning for young people in classrooms or in other groups/situations; the activities engage students in a reflective process that explores sustainability issues at personal, family, community, municipal, state, federal government levels and beyond.

Using climate change as the central issue, this sequence seeks to strengthen students’ critical and creative thinking skills as an integral part of becoming socially and scientifically literate citizens who act with environmental consciousness for a sustainable future. Young people start by exploring the need for action around sustainability issues important and relevant to them. The complexity of sustainability issues is explored not avoided. There are no simple solutions, and young people should feel enabled to lead change and insist that their voice be heard by those in positions of power.