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Re-imagining futures in STEME

Understanding Innovation and Change processes in a collaborative European Project

The PARISSE project ( ) was a European Union initiative aiming to develop approaches to science teacher education based on a ‘SSIBL’ framework of socio-scientific inquiry based learning that foregrounds socially responsible research aims and citizenship.

This project, based on interviews with representatives of each organization involved in PARISSE, explored the nature of differences in perspectives, beliefs, and practices of PARISSE project participants, to develop understandings of the challenges and possibilities of cross-European collaboration generally. The study shed light on how best to perceive the nature and role of the Socio scientific inquiry framework underpinning PARISSE, and on possibilities for sustainability of the initiative under different countries’ circumstances.

Team members: Peta White, Russell Tytler

The project was funded by REDI at Deakin.

The PARISSE project