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The development of mathematical concepts and skills though PASMAP and its potential to foster intellectual dispositions in children and teachers in the early years of school (2018-2021)

This longitudinal mixed methods project will examine the impact of the implementation of the Pattern And Structure Mathematics Awareness Program [PASMAP] (Mulligan & Mitchelmore, 2016) in Foundation to Year 2 classrooms in Catholic Education primary schools in South Australia. PASMAP supports the development of children’s awareness of pattern and structure in mathematics, and the development of deeper understanding of key mathematical concepts as well as direct connections between these concepts. The research will explore the effect of the implementation of PASMAP on the participating children’s and teachers’ intellectual engagement with key mathematics concepts and processes, and teachers’ ability to identify and foster children’s intellectual dispositions to engage with mathematics learning.

Team members:

  • Dr. Virginia Kinnear
  • Dr. David Moltow, UTAS

Funding body: South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools