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Teaching out-of-field: Preparing adaptable teachers (TOPAT) 2013

Alarming numbers of early career teachers are expected to teach subjects they are not qualified to teach, that is, teach out-of-field. This project examines the curriculum of secondary teacher education programs in relation to a demand for adaptable early career teachers. Case studies of non-metropolitan teacher education programs and a survey of pre-service teachers in Victoria and New South Wales are used to focus on learning and identity shifts that participants expect will ensure successful boundary crossings into teaching and when teaching out-of-field, and difficulties that are expected to arise. These insights inform approaches to teacher education, and transition arrangements required for teachers as they begin teaching.

Team members:

  • Dr. Linda Hobbs,
  • Associate Professor Coral Campbell,
  • Professor Chris Hickey

Funding body: Deakin Central Research Grant Project, Deakin University Funding: 2013


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