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Methodological innovation to support the identifying of student knowledge construction processes: the usefulness of ‘student gaze’

This video study of a student pair learning in a Year 10 mathematics classroom in Helsinki includes video of the teacher, the student pair, and the gaze of one of the student pair. The purpose was to identify an interval in which their appeared to be productive interaction through study of body language (Williams, not a speaker of Finnish), and study this interval to see what could be identified about learning new to the student. It was found that student gaze helped pinpoint the type of thinking the student might be undertaken but that a post-lesson video stimulated interview would have provided additional information about this.

Team members:

  • Professor Markku Hannula,
  • Dr. Gaye Williams

Funding body: Funding attracted and data collected by Markku Hannula, University of Helsinki

Journal article almost ready to submit: Hannula. M., & Williams, G. (2016). Silent gazing during geometry problem solving, insights from eye tracking. In Csikos, C., Rausch, A., and Szitanyi, J. (Eds.). Proceedings of the 40th Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education, (Vol. 2, pp. 353-360), Szeged, Hungary: PME.

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