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Mathematical resilience: two theoretical perspectives informing each other (Growth Mindset, Engaged to Learn Pedagogy)

The purpose of this study is to build a theoretical framework for examining the building of resilience in contexts where students have the autonomy to problem solve mathematically (Williams) and in situations in more traditional situations in which the teacher controls student mathematics learning (Johnson-Wilder). Initial stages of the study have involved meetings with researchers, teachers, and parents at the University of Warwick with presentations of our different theoretical perspectives. More recently a theoretical paper is being produced to share what we have learnt. This paper will communicate how non-mathematical strategies can help build resilience in situations not under the students’ control, and how resilience is built through mathematical breakthroughs when students have opportunity to explore mathematically.

Team members:

  • Dr. Gaye Williams (Deakin University),
  • Associate Professor Sue Johnson-Wilder (University of Warwick, UK).