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Improving Regional Low SES Students’ Learning and Wellbeing (LP150100558)

The intended impacts of this program include: (a) quantitative improvement in the academic performance of participant students in the subjects of English, mathematics and science, (b) gains in student wellbeing in participant schools, (c) reduction in student absentee rates in these schools, and (d) application of these successes to other like schools and school systems. These gains will promote broader positive social and economic outcomes for participants and the broader community.

Australian Research Council 2015-2019

Team members: Prof Vaughan Prain (lead CI), Prof Russell Tytler, Damian Blake, Amanda Mooney, Deakin U, Prof Bruce Waldrip et al.,  UTas, Dr Craig Deed et al. La Trobe Univ.

Prain, V., Blake, D., Deed, C., Edwards, M., Emery, S., Farrelly, C., Fingland, D., Henriksen, J., Lovejoy, V., Meyers, N., Mooney, A., Muir, T., Sbaglia, R., Swabey, K., Thomas, D., Tytler, R., & Zitzlaff, T. (2018). Developing a framework for teacher support in personalising student learning of prescribed curricula. British Education Research Journal, (44), 1101-1119.