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Birth to Level 10 Numeracy Guide

The aim of the Birth to Level 10 Numeracy Guide project is to inspire and build the capacity of a diverse audience for improvement and growth in numeracy understanding and practice. The Numeracy Guidesupports understanding of numeracy across the curriculum, highlighting resources and exemplars for example in STEM, literacy, and other curriculum areas. The components of the Numeracy Guide are a roadmap for the capacity building of individual practitioners, as well as, a whole school approach to numeracy. The online multimodal Birth to Level 10 Numeracy Guide encompasses an online learning environment focussed on mathematics learning experiences and education that are meaningful, purposeful, and relevant to different adult learners (school leadership teams, teachers, early childhood practitioners, DET regional staff and parents/guardian). Through online surveys and interviews, the research component, will evaluate theNumeracy Guide. It will address the following research questions:
• How do the principles of heutagogy (as applied in the Numeracy Guide) impact on practitioners’ teaching and learning of numeracy?
• What might be a better way to design online mathematics learning for educators and parents?
• How satisfied are adult learners with the numeracy portal?
• How do key stakeholders (teachers, numeracy leaders, early years educators, parents) perceive the guide and how do they use it?


Team members:

  • Dr. Leicha Bragg (Deakin)
  • Professor Russell Tytler (Deakin)
  • Dr. Martin Potter (Deakin)
  • Associate Professor Chris Walsh (Victoria University)
  • Dr.Tracey Muir (University of Tasmania)
  • Professor Kim Beswick (University of Tasmania)
  • Dr. Greg Oates (University of Tasmania)
  •  Dr. Coral Murphy (University of Tasmania)
  • Peter Saffin (Mathematical association of Victoria)

Funding body: Department of Education and Training