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Assessing Reasoning

This research aims to investigate teachers’ formative and summative assessment of their students’ mathematical reasoning in the primary classroom. We have explored different sources of evidence, including students’ self-assessment, assessment protocols and resources that support teachers’ development of teaching and assessing of mathematical reasoning. The research questions are:
• How do primary teachers use source(s) of evidence for formative and summative assessment of primary children’s mathematical reasoning?
• What mathematical reasoning do primary children notice themselves enacting through self-reflection?
• What are the key characteristics of an educational resource that support teachers’ capacity to assess primary children’s mathematical reasoning?

Team members:

  • Associate Professor Colleen Vale,
  • Dr. Sandra Herbert,
  • Dr. Leicha Bragg,
  • Dr. Wanty Widjaja,
  • Dr. Esther Loong

Funding body: Australian Academy of Science (2017 & 2018)