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Technologies Education for the Primary Years

By: Peter Albion, Coral Campbell and Wendy Jobling.


This new text helps student teachers prepare to teach effectively in technologies education in primary school classrooms. Part A of the book provides the context of technologies education and the new Australian Curriculum: Technologies. Introductory chapters discuss what ‘technology’ is and its role in human society, emphasising the idea of technology as a process rather than a product. Chapters also examine why technologies education is important, how it relates to other fields such as science and engineering, and how it has changed over the years. Part B then focuses on key concepts and elements in teaching technologies to primary students. Topics covered include: creativity and the design process; suitable pedagogies for technologies education; planning; assessment; and where to find appropriate resources. The final part of the book gives an overview of core concepts within the ‘Design and technologies’ and ‘Digital technologies’ subjects of this learning area within the Australian Curriculum: Technologies.


Albion, P., Campbell, C. & Jobling, W.  (2018) Technologies Education for the Primary Years, South Melbourne, Cengage.