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Science in Early Childhood, 3rd Edition

By: Coral Campbell, Wendy Jobling and  Christine Howitt (Editors).


Science education is crucial to young children’s discovery and understanding of the world around them. This third edition of Science in Early Childhood has been substantially updated to include the most current research, bringing together an author team of respected science education researchers from across Australia. New chapters address changing priorities in early childhood science education, introducing coverage of STEM, inclusivity, Indigenous understandings of science, science in outdoor settings, intentional teaching and reflective practice. This text complements the Australian Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum: Science. Concepts are brought to life through detailed case studies, practical tasks and activity plans. Instructors can further supplement learning with the extensive materials located on the new companion website. Renowned for its accessible and comprehensive content, Science in Early Childhood is an essential tool for all pre-service early childhood educators.


Campbell, C., Jobling, W. & Howitt, C. eds. (2018) Science in Early Childhood, 3rd Edition, Port Melbourne, Cambridge.