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Cognitive Psychology and Instruction [Bilişsel Psikoloji ve Öğretim]

By: Roger Bruning, Gregory Schraw, and Monica Norby [Translation Eds- Zehra N. Ersozlu & Rıza Ulker].


This book covers many concepts related to cognitive and instructional approaches that have an essential place in educational sciences, education programs and teaching, and educational psychology. This book can be used at the undergraduate and graduate level. We provided a clearer understanding of the approaches related to learning, teaching and mental processes. This book is also a valuable resource for teachers. A simple and easy-to-understand way of translation from English into the Turkish language was done. The Cognitive Psychology and Teaching book the Fifth Edition revised version, supported by the latest research findings, was translated into Turkish and adapted to the Turkish language and culture to contribute to the understanding of the contemporary perspectives in the field. This book ranks first in the list of best-selling academic books in the United States. In the first part, the basics of cognitive psychology, in the second part, the researches related to the beliefs and motivation concepts, in the third part, the teaching process, the cognitive processes in the learning process and in the fourth part, the research findings and results about increasing the cognitive development in the classroom were included. We recommend this book to anyone who wants to make an in-depth journey to cognition and education.


Bruning, R. H., Schraw, G. J. and Norby, M. M. (2014). Cognitive Psychology and Instruction [Bilişsel Psikoloji ve Öğretim]. Translation Eds- Zehra N. Ersozlu & Rıza Ulker, Ankara: Nobel Publishing. ISBN:978-605-133-790-6. [A Translated Book]