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Teacher Professional Learning for STEM Futures

Start 2021 with some great STEM professional learning!


Teacher Professional Learning for STEM futures

Friday, 26th February 2021, 9am – 3pm

Suitable for all educators – Early Years, Middle Years, Senior Years. 

A flagship event bringing together leading researchers in education to present innovative activities to engage all students in meaningful learning in Mathematics, Science and STEM education. The focus is on teacher collaboration and leadership around effective STEM teaching strategies aligned with the Victorian Teaching and Learning Model and Practice Principles, working to achieve leadership across disciplines and professional knowledge for a sustainable future.

Presented by Deakin STEME researchers, leaders in influencing STEM curriculum policy at state, national and international levels. The workshops are informed by research that is practice-focused, classroom based, student centred in the context of social issues and a rapidly changing and innovative digital world.

This event provides the unique opportunity for ongoing professional learning in 2021, tailored to your school context. Each STEMFEST workshop is linked to innovative professional learning, at the forefront of current educational research. Be part of an exciting, productive learning community, engaging in evidence-based practices and collaborative conversations with leading academics and colleagues to enhance teaching and learning and improve education outcomes for students across early childhood, school education systems, higher education, and community.

STEMFEST is situated within the PLEdHub@Deakin providing participants with access to Deakin University’s teaching and learning experts, and internationally and nationally recognised education researchers.

Each workshop offers the unique opportunity for ongoing professional learning in 2021, tailored to your school context.

Date: Friday 26th February 2021 Time: 9am – 3pm

Cost: $100 early bird registration until the 8th February 2021 and for Deakin Alliance schools. $150 after 8th February 2021

Registration includes a selection of four one hour interactive workshops. Schools/Centres may provide the opportunity for a different teacher/educator to attend each session.

Free inclusion of ‘Spotlight’ sessions.

STEMFEST 2021-program

The following have been designed to navigate streams through the program

Spot light sessions

The three videos provided below were offered at the STEMFEST as spotlight sessions – quick 5 minute ‘spotlights’ on a professional learning offering.



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26 February 2021, 9:00am

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