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National Summit on Teaching Out-of-field

You are invited to attend the online 2021 National Summit on Teaching Out-of-field (TOOF). Generally speaking, teaching out-of-field refers to when teachers teach subjects or year levels they are not qualified to teach. The out-of-field phenomenon is an integral part of our education communities and systems. The multilayered implications of the out-of-field teaching phenomenon for education will be the focus of the presentations and discussions. Your attendance will be highly appreciated.

The Summit focuses on key themes in relation to teaching out-of-field, including:

  • Data needed to inform policy
  • School management & leadership
  • Initial Teacher Education
  • Teacher registration and accreditation policies
  • Teacher professional learning

Summit format

Each session will involve invited presenters relating to the key themes, followed by deliberations in response to key questions. The intended outcomes of the Summit is to produce clear recommendations for policy, practice and research in relation to these themes and identify. Please see the program attached for detailed information regarding the different themes and sessions.


Registration closes on October 1, 2021

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Contact: Linda Hobbs

Posted Sep 20, 2021

21 October 2021, 9:00am to 23 October 2021

Online: This Summit will be powered by ZOOM

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