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Climate Change Education Forum

The Centre for Regenerating Futures, Sustainability Victoria, and the Department of Education are co-hosting the Climate Change Education Forum.

Located at Deakin Downtown, this event brought together more than 140 students and teachers from 15 schools across Victoria as well as additional professionals involved with climate change education. CRF co-hosted the event with Sustainability Victoria – Resource Smart Schools and the Department of Education. Two CRF projects (Time to Act and Artefacts of the Future) provided engaging hands-on and embodied learning opportunities. The focus of the day was on hopeful futures, and we asked: What will need to happen for living a happy and healthy life in a climate altered reality?

The learning activities for the day included 3 workshop sessions presented by five CRF members. Time to Act workshop involved all participants in creative and critical thinking in action through an embodied drama approach as they imagined alternative futures. Drawing out your grief was a meditative drawing session on climate concerns and in an Artefacts of the Future workshop participants worked on collaborative futuring to design artefacts for a museum of the future 2050, showing human responses to the climate crisis. For an hour in the middle of the day students participated in a World Cafe on climate change questions, while a  workshop was offered to all teachers and pre-service teachers – providing an hour to think about approaches to climate change education. It was an extremely productive and encouraging day of intergenerational learning.


Posted May 10, 2024

1 May 2024, 9:30am to 3:00pm

Deakin University – Deakin Downtown