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Re-imagining futures in STEME

Charting Futures Forum

This project was supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Education, Science and Training under the Quality Outcomes Programme.
20–21 May 2004

The Forum program was designed to bring new perspectives to the discussion of these critical areas of the school curriculum. Rapid changes in the world and a general recognition that currently we are not obtaining the results we wish to see in these critical areas of schooling demand that we seek new directions to pursue.

At the Forum there was input from people who are leaders in fields outside education but whose expertise can inform debates about education for the future. The discussion was also informed by the findings of recent, large scale school based projects illustrated by reports from teachers involved in these significant innovations.

The program was planned to generate both novel and valuable ideas and energy which will be significant in future developments in curriculum and school and teacher development.

The forum was opened by Professor Sally Walker, Vice chancellor at Deakin University.

The Minister for Education, Science and Training, who provided significant funding for the forum, was represented by Stuart McArthur, the member for Corangamite.

Opening address
Dr Dahle Suggett, Deputy Secretary, Office of Learning and Teaching, Department of Education and Training.

Theme 1: Schooling for Australia’s futures
Theme 1 Speakers

Ms Trish Caswell, Executive Director, Global Sustainability, RMIT University (AbstractPowerpoint presentation, 788KB)

Professor Suzanne Cory, Director of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (Powerpoint presentation, 788KB)

Dr Jim Peacock, President of the Australian Academy of Science (Abstract)

Theme 1 Examples of Practice

Mr John Sharp, Ocean Grove PS (Powerpoint presentation, .pdf 1,782KB)

Ms Sue Garner, Ballarat GS

Mr Peter Durance, Stawell SC (Powerpoint presentation .pdf, 864KB)

Theme 2: Schools and the wider community
Theme 2 Speakers

Mr Richard Eckersley, Fellow, National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, Australian National University (AbstractPowerpoint presentation, 786KB)

Professor Johanna Wyn, Director Centre for Youth Studies, University of Melbourne (AbstractPowerpoint presentation, 537KB)

Theme 2 Examples of Practice

Ms Sue Legge, Orbost PS (Powerpoint presentation .pdf, 1,700KB)

Mr Michael Bray, Upper Yarra SC (Powerpoint presentation .pdf, 888KB)

Mr Damian Blake, Salesian College, Sunbury (Powerpoint presentation, 33KB)

Special Address:

Professor Peter Fensham, Emeritus Professor, Monash University (Abstract Presentation 440kb)

Theme 3: Teaching and learning

Theme 3 Speaker

Professor Malcolm Skilbeck (Abstract)

Theme 3 Examples of Practice

Ms Heather Woods, Birmingham PS (Powerpoint presentation, 47KB)

Dr Gaye Williams, University of Melbourne

Associate Prof Judy Mousley, Deakin University

Theme 4: Supporting organisational change 
Theme 4 Speaker

Mr Peter Hiscock, Former Director of Sovereign Hill, Ballarat (Abstract)

Theme 4 Examples of Practice

Associate Professor Russell Tytler, Deakin University (Powerpoint presentation, 104KB)

Mr Brian Loughran, Golden Square SC (Powerpoint presentation .pdf, 168KB)

Ms Annette Gilbert, Glen Waverley, SC (Powerpoint presentation, 536KB)

Special Address:

Professor Kaye Stacey, Professor of Mathematics Education, University of Melbourne. (AbstractPowerpoint presentation, 930KB)



Following the Charting Futures Forum, a statement was generated which attempted to capture the major points arising from the speaker themes, teacher presentations and discussion group reports. This was circulated to all participants for comment, going through two consultation and redrafting processes to take account of the feedback. The resulting Forum Statement and Proposal can be taken to broadly reflect the views of participants.

The views expressed here arose from the forum and do not necessarily represent the views of the Australian Government Department of Education, Science and Training

Forum Statement
Proposal For Action
Forum Program
Forum Participants
Forum Evaluation
Australia’s Teachers, Australia’s Future: Agenda extracts