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Seminar – Dr Dino Spagnoli visits Deakin University

Posted by Dr. Seamus Delaney on November 21, 2019

Dr Dino Spagnoli (University of Western Australia) is visiting the School of Life & Environmental Sciences this upcoming Friday 29th November, at Waurn Ponds campus, to present a Chemistry Education seminar. It might be on interest to you.

Please see the details below. No need to RSVP.

Preparation, Anxiety and Self-Efficacy: Probing the Affective Domain of Learning within the Chemistry Undergraduate Laboratory


Date: Friday, 29th November, 11am-12pm

Room: WP, ka4.207

VMP: 36958


Dino Spagnoli

Dr PhD Bath

Senior LecturerFaculty of ScienceSchool of Molecular Sciences

University of Western Australia


The chemistry undergraduate laboratory is a complex learning environment.1 To achieve meaningful learning in the laboratory a student should be constructing knowledge within the three domains of learning: cognitive (thinking), psychomotor (doing) and affective (feeling).2 In this presentation, I will be focusing on three aspects of the affective domain, in relation to how students prepare for the laboratory, and identifying the factors of chemistry laboratory anxiety and self-efficacy. I will describe the resources that we have developed, implemented and evaluated to improve student preparation and self-efficacy. The online interactive pre-laboratory activities were developed using Mayer’s principles for e-learning.3 The talk will conclude by providing recommendations for academics who wish to develop online resources with the aim of increasing students’ chemistry laboratory preparation and self-efficacy.

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