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Congratulations to Dr. Kathryn Riley for being awarded her PhD in Education

Posted by Assoc. Prof. Peta White on October 28, 2019

Early October 2019 saw Deakin University and the School of Education honour our most recent PhD graduates.  The STEME Research group congratulate Dr. Kathryn Riley who made the trip home to Australia to walk the stage of Costa Hall.

Kathryns PhD was a posthumanist exploration of environmental education.  Her title is

(Re)Storying Human/Nonhuman Relationships:  Posthumanist Possibilities in Researcher/Teacher/Environmental Education Worlds

Peta White and Claire Charles from Deakin University and Shaun Murphy From the University of Saskatchewan were her supervisors and proudly celebrated along side Kathryn who was accompanied by her finance, Trevor.

Kathryn now returns to Canada to continue her academic career. This was a fabulous research project and stylishly and expediently completed by Kathryn. Her thesis is available form the Deakin library

Congrats Kat!

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