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Deakin to undertake the Tech School Evaluation

Posted by Assoc. Prof. Linda Hobbs on September 26, 2019

The Science Education team at Deakin University has been commissioned by DET to undertake an evaluation of the Victorian Tech Schools Initiative. The evaluation will be conducted over the first thre-five years of the initiative, and will provide a standardised evaluation process that can be used in the short- and medium-term to monitor, evaluate and inform the ongoing operations and strategic development of the Tech School Initiative.

There are 10 Tech Schools in Victoria. Tech Schools provide innovative, problem-based education programs that give students practical experience and skills they need to flourish in emerging global economies. The Tech School Evaluation seeks to understand the effectiveness of the initiative at multiple levels to inform future development of the Tech Schools Initiative.

Tech Schools are different to the traditional Technical Schools that existed in Victoria. Tech Schools deliver programs for students and teachers from partner schools in their region, so students are not ‘enrolled’ in them but attend for one-off or short-term programs. They also deliver professional development for teachers in the region. Tech Schools generally work with local industry partners to develop learning programs that focus on design thinking, 21st Century skills, complex problem solving and emerging technologies.

The team consists of: Linda Hobbs, Seamus Delaney, Peta White, John Cripps Clark, George Aranda, Russell Tytler, Coral Campbell and Christine Ure, Bronwyn Sutton (Project Manager), and Chris Speldewinde (Research Assistant).

For further information about Tech Schools and their locations in Victoria:

Further information about the Tech School Evaluation: Linda Hobbs

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