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The Deakin STEME Researchers ‘represent’ at the European Science Education Research Association (ESERA) Conference

Posted by Assoc. Prof. Peta White on August 7, 2019

Several of the Science Education team are presenting at the ESERA Conference, Bologna, Italy at the end of August, 2019.

ESERA presentations:
  1. Novice Teachers learning to teach out-of-Field (Linda Hobbs)
  2. Secondary Teachers learning to teach STEM: Outcomes of a professional learning program – poster (Linda Hobbs & John Cripps Clark)
  3. Teacher perceptions of their role and duty to implement Augmented Reality into Science teaching (Seamus Delaney, George Aranda)
  4. Teacher practices to link macro-level observations with sub-micro representations of chemistry understanding – An International Comparative Study (Seamus Delaney with Iztok Devetak -U Ljubljana, Slovenia, Katrin Soika – Tallinn U, Estonia).
  5. Visualisation and spatial thinking in primary (elementary) students’ understandings of astronomy (Russell Tytler, Peta White, Joanne Mulligan)
  6. The role of aesthetics in learning science: examining an integrated art-science lesson (Per-olaf Wickman, Shelley Hannigan, Joe Ferguson, Vaughan Prain, Russell Tytler
  7. The role of aesthetics in the teaching and learning of data modelling (Joe Ferguson, Russell Tytler, Peta White
  8. Collaborative processes in the European Union PARISSE project focused on SSI and inquiry (Russell Tytler and Peta White)
  9. Practising the Literacies of Science: students constructing representations – Invited SIG symposium presentation (Vaughan Prain and Russell Tytler)
  10. Is there a disconnect between theory and practice in environmental education? (Peta White with Sally Birdsall – Auckland University, Fabian Sack – Sustainability)
  11. Unplugged programming in early childhood: the possibilities? (George Aranda and Joe Ferguson)
  12. Early childhood SIG symposium organised by Coral Campbell
  13. Satisfying Curious Young Minds: Volunteering to teach STEM in Early Childhood Centres (Coral Campbell and Chris Speldewinde)
  14. Teaching Pedagogy When Using Tangible Robots Such as Bee-bots (Coral Campbell and Chris Speldewinde)

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