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100 Jobs of the Future

Posted by Assoc. Prof. Peta White on July 25, 2019

Tuesday 23 July saw the launch of the exciting 100 Jobs of the Future project through the website  This project involved collaboration between academics at Deakin and Griffith University working in partnership with Ford Australia.

Deakin academics in the project included Russell Tytler, Peta White, Dineli Mather and Trevor McCandless.

The project involved the construction of a report based on:

  • A review of the literature on work futures
  • Interviews with 11 experts able to speak to the future of work in a range of discipline/industry areas
  • The construction of a list of jobs of the future, that do not yet exist, and identification of the skills and knowledge that would be needed for each of these.

Following this, a web-based job explorer tool, the Future Jobs Quiz was constructed that supports Australians, particularly youth and parents, envision and prepare for the jobs of the future.

A series of educational activities were designed using the Future Jobs Quiz so that teachers could engage with these materials in a whole class setting, also supporting young people to consider possibilities for their future.

The nature of work and Australia’s economy is changing – many of the jobs youth will do in the future, don’t even exist today. The 100 Jobs of the Future report predicts what these jobs could be, based on trends, new technology and demographic changes.

The project has sharpened our sense of the key skills that will be important for work in the future, including digital, STEM, creative problem solving, and people skills. These have implications for STEM curricula, with a clear message that we need an increasing focus on critical and creative thinking skill development and continuous learning.

There was a significant media launch on Tuesday 23rd July 2019 – 142 reports were made across the country/world from a variety of media sources – with more to come.  Russell Tytler was interviewed for The Project, which aired on Monday night (22nd July).  He was also on the Today Show on Tuesday 23rd – see below.