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The Science Drama book – Call for Contributions

Posted by Assoc. Prof. Peta White on June 26, 2019

Drama education draws upon and lives in real world issues and facilitates the exploration of complex lives and daily concerns. A scientific literacy focus for science education is needed to support students interpret and negotiate the many issues of our times. Fusing the two through interdisciplinary education where learning happens in and through each discipline can engage students and facilitate deeper learning. Scaffolding student engagement and learning through complex ideas and issues can be difficult at all levels of education, and diverse pedagogical approaches are required.

We are calling for teacher educators and classroom teachers (from all classroom contexts) to respond to the call for contributions towards this research book on interdisciplinary work in drama and science in education. Chapters of approximately 5000 words will be based on research, offering theoretical perspectives as well as presenting specific exemplars of this work in action. Chapters may report on how you have engaged in interdisciplinary drama and science education and research. You may offer a program that you can showcase with evidence of student improved learning.

The Science Drama Book – Call for Contributions